Phone Sex Billing
Private, Discreet, Secure!

Pay by Credit Card - Our Preferred Payment Method
We accept all major credit cards over the telephone. Our receptionists will collect your information, and will have it verified in just a matter of minutes.  Then she can transfer you directly to the home phone number of your favorite phone slut! All information remains secure and strictly confidential. We do not mail anything to you ever!

Phone Sex Billing Prepay by Mail Contact Manager

Direct Connections - Unlike most phone sex services, we have the ability to connect you to the home phone number of your favorite playmate once we have verified your credit. This protects your privacy as well as hers. Billing does not begin until you are connected to your playmate, and as always there are no hidden connection fees or long distance charges.

Call Backs - While we do offer direct connections 24 hours a day to all our phone sex playmates, some clients still prefer to be called back. No problem! Just place your order with our receptionist and the playmate of your choice will call you back from the privacy of her home. Nothing appears on your phone bill because it's not a collect call and it shows up as a toll free number on Caller ID, so nobody else in your home or office will know who called you!

Credit Card Security - We've gone the extra mile to make sure your information is kept secure! All your credit card information is handled by our bonded in-office receptionists. With other services, you may be asked to call the actual phone sex operator at home and give her all your credit information. Think about it, do you really want to give that kind of sensitive information to a girl working from her own home, hundreds or thousands of miles away from the company she works for? Not if you had heard the horror stories I have heard from clients and other phone sex service owners!

Privacy - We understand your need for privacy and we respect it. Your private information is never given out to our operators and we never discuss your charges with ANYONE other than YOU. We do not sell, trade, or exchange your personal information with other services or other businesses. We also will never mail you anything ever.

Credit Card Fraud - We work with a collection agency that specializes in adult businesses. If you refuse to pay your valid credit card charges, it will be reported to all 3 major credit bureaus, and all information about your transaction will be turned over to the District Attorney in your state.