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If you would prefer to pay by money order in advance, please make the money order payable to PSB Associates (or leave it blank) and mail it to the address shown below. Please include your full name, your date of birth, and the last four digits of your social security number which is used like a pin# and will be asked of you every time you call.

Rates for prepaid calls are $2.50/minute, and we have a 7 minute minimum, so you must send at least $17.50 to fund your account. Please do not send personal checks or cash. All funds will be held on account until funds are depleted, we do not give refunds.

*Important: We do not pick up our mail everyday, so it would be very helpful if you sent us an email after you have mailed your payment so we know to look for it. We can then email you back to let you know once it has been received and your account has been credited. Please allow 7 business days to receive payments sent through the mail. The post office is beyond our control.

Thank you for your patronage!